October 2004

Special Edition – Cadenzia Release

Cadenzia is out
The Cadenza is an outstanding virtuoso passage or flourish improvised by a solo performer towards the end of a musical performance. After its introduction in the 18th century, the Cadenza was encouraged as a mark of respect of the player or singer, who was expected not only to display virtuosity but also to allude to the themes of the movement as written by the composer.

Unique to McLaren Vale, Cadenzia has been introduced as an annual winemaking challenge that acknowledges the outstanding skills of the region’s winemakers. While there are clear guidelines for Cadenzia, which must include more Grenache than any other variety, winemaking improvisation, innovation and blending skills remain the foundations of the movement.

Hawkers Gate Joins 10 Wineries to Release Cadenzia under Zork
Other wineries to join the Zork movement with Cadenzia are III Associates, d’Arenberg, Dog Ridge, Gemtree, Kangarilla Road, Penny’s Hill, Pertaringa, Richard Hamilton, Shingleback, and Yangarra Estate. Be sure to check them all out after their official launch on the 20th of October.

About Zork
ZORK is a revolutionary new wine closure that seals like a screw cap and pops like a cork and is set to change the way wine is packed and sold. Representatives from all levels of the wine supply chain have praised ZORK as an elegant solution to the technical challenge of closing a bottle without spoiling the wine.




Zork is a unique closure that has been developed to replicate the performance of a screw cap and can be applied to a standard bottle with total consistency that neither requires a corkscrew nor a twist from the wrist to open it. To remove the Zork seal from the bottle requires pulling on the tear tab, which unwinds revealing a polyethylene plug and when extracted from the neck of a standard wine bottle, releases a cork-like pop.

Zork is a two piece design which incorporates a piece of alumina foil that sits between the cap and the plunger. This design incorporates the proven metal barrier technology of the screw cap. The designers have replicated the oxygen barrier of screw cap, as the Zork foil liner prevents any oxygen transmission occurring. Unlike screwcaps, a Zork seal can be used on any bottle shape. The bottle can be resealed once removed; while another great feature is that the product is totally recyclable and requires very little energy use in its manufacture.

The Hawkers Gate Cadenzia
In true improvisational style, the Hawkers Gate Cadenzia is a blend of 55% 2004 dry-grown Grenache and 45% 2002 Shiraz - a most interesting wine!

The colour is deep red with purple hues, while the nose shows a complex blend of red and black fruit aromas with savoury notes and a smoky bacon background. On the Palate the wine is a medium bodied fruit medley with supporting vanillin oak and smooth and silky tannins. Expect it to cellar for two to four years.

The Hawkers Gate Cadenzia will be available for tasting and sales on Saturday the 23rd of October at the Visitors Centre in McLaren Vale. The Shiraz and Chardonnay will also be there, so drop in and have a look.