The vintage gallery

Hawkers Gate aims to make consistently high quality wines, showcasing the flavours and style of the McLaren Vale region. A careful, scientific approach is adopted to allow the fruit to take centre stage and express its true potential in the resulting wine.

In making Hawkers Gate white wines we strive for a balance between simplicity and complexity. The aim is to let the underlying fruit of the wines speak for itself, whilst at the same time being supported by the careful use of oak and other winemaking techniques such as malolactic fermentation and extended lees contact.

We like to make wines that will be enjoyable both when released and after short-term cellaring. Mainly because we, as we’re sure you, do not have the patience to let a good bottle of wine sit around. We’d much rather enjoy it now and ...

Our red wines are built around a philosophy of softness and approachability, while at the same time being complex, flavoursome and bold.